Sunday, March 13, 2011

Products of Spring Break '11

Free time is SOOOOO great. I'm definitely a fan.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a bit of an obsession....

So over the course of Spring Break, I was bound and determined to produce at least one page for my scrapbook. I love crafting and letting my creative mind run wild, but with school and work, the time that I have leftover is small, and when it does eventually roll around, all I want to do is sit and be a bum.

I was almost even afraid for a moment that I might have lost interest in the hobby, but fear not... as soon as I started, that worry soon vanished as I buried myself in creativity.

It took 2 days, and 2 trips to Michael's to finish 1 page. I was almost at a loss for putting the final touches on what seemed like the perfect page, and suddenly it came to me. Only down side was that I didn't have enough supplies (ha... you would laugh if you saw my stash).

Now I have heard that every scrap-booker has a "style" and over time you will start to see a pattern in their work. Well, I hadn't noticed any such "style" in my work. I knew what I did and didn't like, but I wasn't sure that you could put it into a style category yet...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that it will become quite apparent as to what at least helps develop my "style" and creative vision.

The answer (my dear friend Allison, you I believe, will LOVE this one ^_^ )

(idk if I have enough yet)
(Ps. they were ALL on sale when I bought them)

May the adventure continue!