Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something New

So, upon starting up my "food blog" as I like to call it, it seems to be that my original blog has suffered some neglect.

"there there, poor baby"

Ok, now we're all better. Yay!
So in order to come up with a way to not show favoritism, I have decided to go where no blog of mine has gone before... Series....
but a series of what you might ask... a series of lists. You see, when I'm not consumed by college I enjoy writing things that just "PoP" up in my brain. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're interesting, sometimes they're boring and get deleted.

I have devised a "regiment" of sorts. My goal is to submit at least 1 list every 2 weeks. Seeing how I post 1 blog per week on my other blog, this will be a great deal of writing, so please bear with me, and don't get all "well you said..." on me.

New post soon awaits you my dear friends.

Hakuna Matata

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Might Be A College Student If...

So last Saturday, my wonderful best friend Brittany had her 20th birthday party. Kyle and I both went and basically hung out with her and her family, enjoyed cake and TONZ of food.
Upon asking my beloved boyfriend Kyle if he wanted to go with me, his response wasn't a "yes" or "no", better yet it was, "will they be watching the football game?".. what a guy
How was I to know. I'd only met Brittany's parents before this and wasn't sure if they were "football people".
Needless to say, he went either way, and as soon as everyone left, the topic of football arose. As kyle sighed and sunk into the couch another question was asked.
This time it was by Brittany's father.
"Why didn't you say something sooner!?! we could've turned this on as soon as it started!"

I couldn't care less about football personally, so Brittany and I decided to head into her room and put on a movie.

Only 1 problem.

No dvd player in there....

I won't take the time to sit and describe to you the process we went through to make this movie happen, better yet, I will show you.

If you are curious to know, the very tiny box on top is the actual dvd player... everything else underneath it, is a variety of board games, books, and shoeboxes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ok. It is finished.

The new blog has been created, and I will put a disclaimer on it, after I published the first post, I was like, "holy cow, that's a really long post!" so for future posts, I will try to cut them down in size, most definitely, so bear with me. The url is


Let me give a shout out for my new friend Sean Varnedoe, who was first to follow this blog.

What's For Dinner

So, to all of my faithful followers, the whole 9 of you, I propose an idea.
I know, it's rare that I come up with those, so it better be good right?!?
alright, so here it is....

the potential of a blog #2

WoAh..... um yes

You see, I have this idea of an ongoing blog, that I feel would better stand on it's own.
What might this new blog be about you may ask?

duh, what else

well, you see, Kristin (Kyle's sister) and I have started a new tradition of cooking together on Tuesday nights. That way we can actually hang out and bond together, and provide delicious (hopefully) meals for everyone.
I have decided to call this new blog "What's for Dinner"
I tell you this because, it has been brought to my attention that a lot of my blogs lately have been about food, and idk, maybe that's a bad thing??? not in my opinion, but I think it would be better to organize my thoughts and jots (haha, that rhymed).

So... tell me what you think!

Would that even be interesting, or would I be boring you?