Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's For Dinner

So, to all of my faithful followers, the whole 9 of you, I propose an idea.
I know, it's rare that I come up with those, so it better be good right?!?
alright, so here it is....

the potential of a blog #2

WoAh..... um yes

You see, I have this idea of an ongoing blog, that I feel would better stand on it's own.
What might this new blog be about you may ask?

duh, what else

well, you see, Kristin (Kyle's sister) and I have started a new tradition of cooking together on Tuesday nights. That way we can actually hang out and bond together, and provide delicious (hopefully) meals for everyone.
I have decided to call this new blog "What's for Dinner"
I tell you this because, it has been brought to my attention that a lot of my blogs lately have been about food, and idk, maybe that's a bad thing??? not in my opinion, but I think it would be better to organize my thoughts and jots (haha, that rhymed).

So... tell me what you think!

Would that even be interesting, or would I be boring you?


  1. Well Alex....would you tell us how to make the delicious food you are going to speak of?? Who cares if there are other food blogs out there anyway, yours will be better than theirs, so go for it! :)

  2. I vote for one blog, and do 'Tasty Tuesday'. My best friend from college posts something yummy every Tuesday.

  3. Jason : absolutely! and thank you, you're so sweet
    Michelle : definitely looked at your friend's blog, and it was TOO cute. loved the label 'Tasty Tuesday'