Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Everyone has a special talent, or hobby, something that they love to do to get their minds off of things. For some people it's sports, for some people it's going to a movie, or a movie, or even just simply listening to music. I know that as for me, there are two (well.. probably more than that but.. oh well) things that I know can get my mind off of things. My first love being music and secondly is something that I've only gotten into more recently. Within the past year, I have developed, a love, or, well, more of an obsession, for scrapbooking and card-making. It started around Halloween of last year, I decorated 5 Halloween cards for some of the "smaller" members of my family, and I absolutely LOVED it. Since then, I have made numerous cards for birthdays, weddings, and "for the heck of it" along with almost completely filling a scrapbook.
It's not just the fact alone that all of this stuff gives me an outlet for creativity, it's the reaction I get when the person that is the recipient, knows that I've spent special time on something just for them, rather than just buying a Hallmark card and sticking it in the mail. (Not saying that that is so horrible, because that's what most people do)

So here are a few of my older cards and/or pages:

This one is the inside of the Halloween card I sent Andrew:

This is the front of a wedding card I made for my cousin Devin:

... and this one is a scrapbook page I made of Kyle & I's 1 year anniversary:

These last two are my most recent

This one is a birthday card for my dad:

.. and this one is a birthday card for my mom:

I someday hope to do this (or something LIKE this) for a living, so if anyone knows of a job where creativity is main aspect, please let me know!

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