Sunday, February 28, 2010


So about two weeks ago I had this weird craving to sit down and watch a whole bunch of episodes of a t.v. show (preferably a show that I was already following), and I told Kyle about it, but he had a ton of homework to do, so, it didn't really work out. The t.v. show "Bones" is a show that we enjoy and have just started following, so it was a mutual agreement. When we were available to do so, we were set to have a Bones marathon. If you don't know what show I'm talking about, it's sort of like CSI, but way better ;), but an anthropologist and an FBI agent work together to solve murders (sounds kinda morbid I know, but it's sooo good). Anyway, so I decided to search all of the local Blockbuster's to see if I was going to be able to rent any season, I really didn't even care which one, but it's Tallahassee... which means, that it was not available. Just out of curiosity, I looked up how much it would be to purchase from Walmart [greatest store ever], and it was about $40 :/ . We actually decided to just go for it and split the cost, so after dinner we drove to Walmart and looked. We get to the T.V. section of the store and we only saw seasons 2 and 4, so I asked one of the workers and she said "what's on the racks, is what we have", so I was bummed to say the least, until I just happened to notice that on the pack of dvd's that said "the complete second season" was another disk, labeled "the complete first season".. it was a multi-pack.. and it was $35! Who doesn't like a deal like that?!!? Needless to say, we've already watched the first 6 episodes, and plan on continuing relentlessly every waking moment of free time that we have... praise the Lord that Spring Break is next week!!

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