Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just another random day

So today Kyle and I went with my mom to her new church here in Picayune, Mississippi. we got there late (of course) and we caught the last half of the worship service. After worship, they took the offering, and then very nonchalantly the pastor gets up to announce the Dove Award Winning artist Kari Jobe to come on stage and sing. I freaked out, not only do I love her music, but I was completely psyched that she was just sitting there on the front row of the church.

So my mother, being the handy woman that she is, whipped out her camera and recorded a part of the song she sang, and then they FORCED me to take a picture with her. (not that I didn't want one, I just didn't want to be the only one freaking out that she was there, because everyone seemed un-phased by it.

So... here's the pic!

and then my mom had Kyle jump in for one,
although he had NO clue who she even was

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