Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Delicious little Disks

As I have said before, cooking has become something of interest to me. Baking in particular. Well.... if i'm really honest, it's probably anything to do with making things that taste really good but kick me in the butt later when i'm wearing the extra few pounds.
First of all I must share my new found passion for the heavenly store of T.J.Maxx. Now I know that as a female, i'm almost naturally born with the gift of shopping, but more recently the thought of clothes shopping is a complete turn-off. I like shopping for things, rather than clothes. Ok, that was a lie. By saying I like "shopping", I really mean that I enjoy the act of walking around stores, "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" at what I would love to buy. I mentally decorate my future home, oh and believe me, it's gorgeous.

And now you're probably wondering, "What the heck does that have to do with cooking?"

Oh please, calm down, I'm getting there!

At this wonderful store named T.J.Maxx there lived a cookbook. Now, this was no ordinary cook book you see, it was a magical cookbook which held many treasures that Alex would slowly unfold. The title you ask?



How can you have a whole cookbook for just Jell-O! ?

Ah but you see my friends, as I said before, this was no ordinary cookbook! For it's pages were cardboard, and it's height was a mere 6inches tall. All of which included only about 30 recipes.

So as I flipped through this magic book, I came across something that I had never once dreamed of. The combinations of Jell-O! and cookies. OMG! Jell-O! and cookies you say?!?!? How can you combine two so delectable foods into one.

Well let me just tell you something. It's amazing these cookbooks you see, they actually TELL you how those kinds of magnificent things can happen. They even put it in simple terms, like measurements, and step-by-step instructions.

Ta-Da! .. The mixture of :
baking powder
'Berry Blast' Jell-O! mix
an egg
vanilla extract
and an ungodly amount of sugar and butter

.... creates green little morsels of amazingness!


  1. And are these little green morsels of amazingness going to be making an appearance at work anytime soon? ; )

  2. There is definitely potential for that :)