Sunday, August 22, 2010

5 Things

So, I am officially home for good now! Phew, that was a crazy summer, and I must say, it was well worth the traveling, because I enjoyed every minute of it.
So instead of going on and on about all the different things that I did while I was away, I have come up with what I like to call my "5 fab fav's". These are the things that simply made my vacationing just that much better.

So lets begin

#5 Dunkin' Donuts
nuf' said

#4 the Zero-Gravity Chair
Many, many hours were spent in this amazing piece of outdoor furniture
I would go outside, sit in my fab chair, and read a book while Abigail would swim in the pool

#3 The Saab
My father, great man, but he is never satisfied with his vehicles. This is his latest trade-in, and although I mostly drove the Ford Excape, sometimes I drove this beast.

#2 the Outdoor Shower
Although this is something that is put on houses near the beach, this should seriously be brought to Tallahassee homes. You just wait, I'll have one at my house, I already made Kyle promise to build me one :)

and last but DEFINITELY not least, coming in at

Whenever I visit my dad, I sleep in Abigail's room because it has a twin bed, with a twin bed that pulls out and pops up with another mattress, she sleeps on the inside, I'm on the outside. Normally she wakes up WAY before I do, but not this particular morning. I turned to my left and said to myself "oh my goodness, she better stay still, cause this is definitely a Kodak moment"
Well, after she had woken up I showed her the picture, and she turned bright red and proclaimed "Don't post this on Facebook or on your blog thing, my underwear is hanging out!"
sorry, like that was gonna happen
I can't help it, it was just TOO cute to pass up

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