Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So I'm here in Massachusetts visiting some family. Today, actually Andrew is getting back from Mississippi, and then exactly 1 week from now Kyle is coming.
Well... ever since Andrew moved here to live with my dad, they've made some changes to his bedroom. When he first moved here, the bed was a futon and we would just lay it down and 2 people could sleep on it, but for long term, a bed was definitely necessary.

Now let me just give you the low down on Cape Cod...
Basically, anywhere that you are, you are virtually 5-10mins away from a beach. Most of the island is gorgeous and real estate is EXTREMELY expensive.
So.... you're going to pay a hefty price even the smallest house.

So with all things considered, Andrew's bedroom is a good size for 1 person but... 2 people living in there is kinda pushing it, and since he only has a single bed, where is Kyle going to sleep?

My friends, we have come up with a solution!
We bought a single mattress and slid it under Andrew's bed, so that we can pull it out quite comfortably and voila! you can fit 2 people!
My dad, oh so cleverly, came up with a prank [which is quite impressive ;) ]

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words, so I'll let them do the talking

Here is Andrew's room normally

And this is what it looks like while we are accommodating Kyle

Kyle! we can't wait for you to come and visit! we love you lots, and lots, and lots! (obviously)

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