Wednesday, November 3, 2010

25 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I still have (and wear) a shirt I got in 3rd grade
  2. I hate mushrooms
  3. My favorite color changes on a regular basis
  4. In my opinion, ketchup tastes good on most everything, but I put mustard on hot dogs
  5. I recently murdered 3 fish, on purpose, which is the bad part
  6. My first dream car was a Chevy Suburban (not even the pretty ones, the old boxy ones)
  7. I prefer dresses & skirts to pants & shorts
  8. I still have never watched "Kindergarten Cop"
  9. My eyes are both brown and green
  10. I didn't start driving till after I turned 18
  11. I hate using eye-drops
  12. My toenails are ALWAYS painted
  13. I have a pair of earrings for nearly every holiday
  14. My favorite scent is simply "fresh linen" or "cotton blossom"
  15. I sang "Hope Now"- by Addison Road, as a solo 5 times
  16. I've only ever kissed 1 boy <3
  17. I've had the same DVD player since I was 8yrs old, and it still works
  18. I want to be a stay-at-home-mom vs. being a career woman
  19. I have 5 pairs of Halloween socks
  20. I have the same birthday as Ben Affleck
  21. I want to work in a bakery
  22. More than half of the pictures on my camera are of food
  23. I sleep with a princess blanket every night
  24. I could sit and listen to someone playing the piano all day
  25. I count, and keep a record of how much change I have in my coin jar (aka. Polka dotted pig)

See, now you know me just that much more.

Smile. It pisses Satan off.


  1. 25 reasons why I love ya!
    (Well, except for #2...)

  2. concerning #19: ....make that 6 pairs-- they were on sale at WalMart after Halloween & I just bought you another pair. (LoL!)