Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saying Nothing At All

A few times in my lifetime I have been accused of talking too much. Who me? Talk too much? Are you kidding?
ooooh boy.
Well you know those things that you've always listened to people tell you, but you've never really heard? I think it's one of those things.
Like: "you're turning into your mother"
You don't really wanna hear it, but you know it's true.
Well I have taken an interest in a new hobby of, listening! - woah!
Listening, and being quiet. It's harder than you think. Well, for me at least.
What makes me think that anyone else really wants to hear every little detail there is to know about me? Chances are, they probably don't, and they're just sitting there listening to avoid being rude. To an extent. But let's all be honest, do we really care what your crazy aunt did when she was a teenager, or what type of cereal you ate for breakfast. No, well, unless it's really that funny. 
I look at it this way. All the time that I spend rattling on about myself, that's less time that I get to learn about someone else. What makes me more interesting than them? They go through the same 24hr/7day week schedule that I do, and who am I to decide that what they've spent their time doing, isn't note-worthy.

Well I've come across this book:
1,000 Ways to be a "slightly" better woman

This is the title to one of the segments.

"Times to Just Say NOTHING"
(some of them are comical, and some are "fo real")

1. When the crazy guy on the train is trying to talk to you.
2. When they ask for volunteers to organize the neighborhood bake sale.
3. When your best friend asks whether that dress makes her look fat.
4. When the cop is giving you a lecture instead of writing you a ticket.
5. When there's 2 minutes left in the game, his team is 6 points down, they have the ball, and the clock is running.
6. When you have the urge to tell someone about the really weird dream you had last night.
7. When someone you admire is giving you advice.
8. When you're fighting, and it's his turn to rant.
9. When the interviewer asks you why you left your last job, and the reason is that you thought your boss was a jerk.
10. When you hate the food, but love the hostess.

Hope you got a kick out of at least some of those. 
And you know I'll never completely shut up...
Who am I kidding.

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  1. can talk my ear off anytime! :)